AxP Submission: An Invitation by Anne Rita Taylor

An Invitation © Anne Rita Taylor
An Invitation © Anne Rita Taylor

Anne’s submission to the carbon based mistake’s art Exchange Program Grant is entitled “An Invitation: The Mayborn Literary Non-Fiction Conference 2013″

She originally made zines from 2000 to 2004 after which she took a break to start making hand-made blank books, but the zine bug struck her once again in 2008 while on a road trip across the country.

Anne is a member of the organization Women in the Visual & Literary Arts (WiVLA) in which she won a Writer’s Scholarship which paid the way for her to attend a literary conference. As a result of the Scholarship she will be a guest speaker at the WiVLA meeting next April. This zine was created as an easy way to circulate information about the WiVLA, the conference, and her writing.

Anne does not sell her zine, she plans to give it away for free to those at the conference who might be interested in learning more about the Scholarship she won, and what she did with the $1000 prize money.

“An Invitation” contains information about the WiVLA, her experience with Mayborn, rejection letters she’s received… balanced out with acceptance letters, plus two versions of a story about her friend who died from cancer and how it changed her. One version written immediately after the passing, the other written at a later date and based on workshop feedback she received.

To learn more about Women in the Visual & Literary Arts:

To purchase Anne’s hand made books visit:


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eternally residing in new york, the carbon based mistake currently takes the form of zines, photography, writing, blasphemy, design, art, and printing. - publish and be damned

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