AxP (2005) Submission: An Open Place #5 by Jeremy Waltman

An Open Place © Jeremy Waltman -
An Open Place © Jeremy Waltman –

The second AxP grant was supposed to be in 2005, however after the first year I burnt out. I passed the context off to a friend who wasn’t sure if she would have the time. She tried very hard to continue it, but no… she just didn’t have the time. There was one single lone submission that year, from Jeremy Waltman. It was the final issue in his 5 part comic called An Open Place, and it sat in a closet for 8 years. I’m quite amazed it survived those years. My friend moved several times, finished school, moved to New York, got married and all the while someone comic went along for the ride. In those 8 years Jeremy became a teacher, and a filmmaker, and still managed to continue making comics and self publishing.

Jeremy Waltman is a director and writer from Pennsylvania. His work began in graphic novels such as German and An Open Place. His work has been shown internationally and includes drawing, painting, sculpture, film concept art, graphic novels and new media. He received his B.F.A. at Penn State University and his M.F.A. at Florida State University. He has taught at Florida State University, Ursinus, La Salle University and currently Young Harris. He’s director of the independent feature films, Locomotive and The Retreat and co-producer for the film Cautionary Tale. When not filming he can be found teaching digital media and art in various colleges and universities. He currently resides in the Appalachian Mountains.

You can learn more about Jeremy’s projects by visiting his website:

Here are some samples from his recent graphic novel, German.
It’s available for purchase here:

Cover to German by Jeremy Waltman
German 1 by Jeremy WaltmanGerman Book 2.88 by Jeremy Waltman

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